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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, membership applications are open at the beginning and the middle of each academic year. Check the RUMUNA’s communication channels or attend their weekly sessions for specific details.

To become a member, you have to be a running student of Rajshahi University. You can usually fill out a membership application form available on the RUMUNA’s official website or at their events on Facebook. Attend weekly sessions to gather more information about the application process.

The process involves regular MUN sessions, workshops, and Day-long simulations organized by RUMUNA in order to practice and improve one’s research, debate, and public speaking along with other MUN skills to enhance their understanding of international affairs.

Yes. RUMUNA has organized various events in the past related to Model United Nations, including national MUN conferences like RUMUN (Rajshahi University Model United Nations), regional MUN conferences like NBMUN (North Bengal Model United Nations), intra MUN conferences like the monthly Daylong MUNs, weekly practice sessions, workshops etc. Check RUMUNA’s schedule or announcements for upcoming events.

Participation in Model United Nations can develop skills such as public speaking, negotiation, research, critical thinking, and teamwork. It also enhances knowledge of international relations and diplomatic processes.

Yes. Non-members are welcomed to attend our weekly sessions to gauge interest. RUMUNA organizes weekly sessions for understanding and practicing MUN. However, Attaining all the benefits provided by RUMUNA requires full membership. like details regarding these weekly sessions as well as member-only events.

The schedule for the next RUMUN conferences is usually announced well in advance on our website. Check it as well as our social media or attend the weekly sessions for information on upcoming conferences.

Generally, any student from upwards of class 6 interested in Model United Nations can participate. In exeptional cases, specific eligibility criteria may be outlined in the conference’s outline in accordance with the plan of RUMUNA regarding that event.

RUMUN refers to Rajshahi University Model United Nations, the national conference itself, whereas RUMUNA refers to Rajshahi University Model United Nations, the sole organizers of RUMUN.

To participate in our national conference, you need to register by filling out the registration form through the designated portal (available on our website and Facebook event). After successful registration, all further information will be provided to your email.





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