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What is a Model United Nations (MUN)?

You taking part in Model United Nations conference for the first time makes us content and proud as we can help you through it all. With this decision, your life is going to change, you will meet individuals from all over the world, and you will get the chance to practice your leadership skills on this expedition.

Model United Nations can be a valuable experience that inspires you to make the world a better place, aids in the search for your first job, and even helps you gain admission to college. Although Model United Nations conference may at first appear overwhelming, we are here to assist you.

What Is Istanbul International Model United Nations Conference?

  • Understand how Istanbul MUN functions before you begin your reading, research, and preparation.
  • Each delegate attends a United Nations committee to speak on behalf of a nation over a significant world problem.
  • The conference offers information on the subject through a Study Guide.
  • Discuss your concepts and workable solutions with the other committee members.
  • Vote in the committee on the draft resolutions.
  • Delegates with majority votes will pass the resolution.

Start With Your Country’s Profile

The following are some topics to look into:

  • Locate your country on a map. Look at the terrain, your size, and your surroundings. Pretty much all the demographics. Analyze your political system to see if it is a democracy, a sort of anti, or a monarchy.
  • Number of people, languages spoken, ethnic makeup, and revenue, which is typically calculated by looking at the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). News – Keep up with the latest headlines from around the world. Search for any recent modifications to the law, the policy, etc.